Air quality "traffic light"

The air quality “traffic light“ measures the CO2 content of the room air. A “smiley” display makes a statement about the quality of the room air.

If the air quality in the room is hygienically harmless (CO2 content below 1,000 ppm), the green "smiley" is displayed on the meter.

In situations with higher load on the room air quality (e.g. when the rooms are occupied by a number of people for a longer period), the “traffic light” will draw attention to the deteriorated room air quality with a signal tone and with the orange indicator. In this case, the air quality is characterized as hygienic conspicuous (CO2 content between 1,500-2,000 ppm), but it is still in the comfort zone.

In situations with a particularly high load on the room air quality (e.g. when the rooms are occupied for an extended period of time, or air polluting activities), the “traffic light” will draw attention to the bad air quality with a signal tone and the red indicator. In this case, air quality is hygienically unacceptable (CO2 content above 2,000 ppm).

Source and further information
DIN EN 15251: 2012-12
Ad-hoc AG IRK/AOLG, 2008

Rental – Return
The air quality „traffic light“ can be borrowed by Prof. Martin Wollensak in the office 1.402. The length of the borrowing time is according to the agreement.

The borrower confirms that the borrowed object is used exclusively for research purposes as part of the course at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, University of Wismar. The rental object may neither be passed on to, nor rented or sold to, unauthorized third parties.

The borrower commits himself to particular care in handling the rental object. The borrowed object is delivered cleanly and functionally and must be returned in this state. No irreversible, technical modifications may be made to the rental object.

If the rental object is damaged by improper handling, the borrower is liable for the resulting damage. This also applies to the case where the rental object is lost. The borrower is obligated to ensure adequate theft protection.