a-value measuring system

One of the most common causes of mold formation and building damage in refurbished and modernized buildings is the joint permeability of building components. The Blower Door addition a-value measuring system can be used to find and identify the weaknesses in the building envelope.

DIN 4108-2: 2013-02 defines requirements for the tightness of exterior windows, doors and roof windows. Depending on the number of full floors of the building, joint permeabilities are divided into the classes (1-4) according to DIN EN 12207-1: 2000-06. The requirements for the joint permeability are also formulated in the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV).

Evidence management is part of every sustainability certification and energy monitoring. The sustainability certification according to BNB / DGNB was introduced in 2013 for public buildings.

Source and further information
German Energy Savings Regulation (EnEV)
DIN 4108-2: 2013-02
DIN EN 12207-1:2000-06

Here you can download user manual of a-value measuring system
Reference guide window and door measurment system

Rental – Return
The a-value measuring system can be borrowed by Prof. Martin Wollensak in the office 1.402. The length of the borrowing time is according to the agreement.

The borrower confirms that the borrowed object is used exclusively for research purposes as part of the course at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, University of Wismar. The rental object may neither be passed on to, nor rented or sold to, unauthorized third parties.

The borrower commits himself to particular care in handling the rental object. The borrowed object is delivered cleanly and functionally and must be returned in this state. No irreversible, technical modifications may be made to the rental object.

If the rental object is damaged by improper handling, the borrower is liable for the resulting damage. This also applies to the case where the rental object is lost. The borrower is obligated to ensure adequate theft protection.