Measuring devices for building physics

Nowadays, the quality control of new buildings and refurbishment projects based on the building physics investigations and analyzes is becoming more and more important. In order to meet the requirements of the German Energy Savings Ordinance (EnEV), several parameters must be complied with, e.g. low transmission and ventilation heat loss of the building at the same time as a comfortable indoor climate. Evidence management is part of every sustainability certification and energy monitoring. The sustainability certification according to BNB / DGNB was introduced in 2013 for all public buildings.

The following building physics measurements can be carried out with the measuring instruments at the Faculty of Architecture and Design:

- air tightness and joint permeability
- thermographic investigations
- room climate and air quality
- sound simulation and sound level measurement
- room and building acoustics
- testing of building materials as wood, concrete, cement screed
- cable detection
- water analyzes
- weather analyzes

Prof. Martin Wollensak and Prof. Dr. Thomas Römhild are responsible for building physics measuring instruments.

The list of these measuring instruments can be downloaded here:
List of measuring devices for building physics